Ubiquitous Network Coverage

The Global Capacity team is dedicated to providing connectivity solutions over one of the largest end-to-end networks in the country.  The foundation of our business is this carrier-class network, with a leading state of interconnectedness to and from cloud, internet, wireless and private networks, the platform leverages 41 Points of Presence (PoPs), 2,007 Central Offices (COs) and over 4,500 last mile network interconnections across the U.S. and globally.  It is this network that underpins the services Global Capacity delivers, providing solid foundations for corporate networks, carrier connectivity and the coverage to reach over 98% of U.S. businesses, and 85% globally.


One Marketplace offers customers a competitive advantage by building leading interconnections with networks across a broad range of geographies. These strategic interconnections are established at high-demand central offices and switching locations where available capacity can be aggregated and connectivity to high- demand services can be provisioned cost-effectively.

Global Capacity continues to invest in the network to meet both industry needs for today and tomorrow,

The carrier-class network that reaches over 14 million U.S. commercial addresses

Over the past 10 years, Global Capacity’s network has extended coverage from major metros leveraging the breadth of our network to provide reach to over 98% of U.S. businesses. Today, the network leverages 41 Points of Presence (PoPs) to connect major metropolitan cities, rural regions and international location. The very design of our network is based on multi-location requirements, and is built around major hubs that ensure that offering 10ms connectivity across the U.S.

Over 20,000 businesses run multiple services over Global Capacity’s network

Our carrier-class network is a ‘business only’ network, meaning it is not constrained by consumer traffic and is designed for data-intensive business users and carriers. Many of our customers choose Global Capacity because of our extensive reach, no oversubscription policy and end-to-end SLAs, which enable our customers to converge multiple services over one connection with a single point of contact for resolution ownership.

From carrier off-net access and Cloud delivery, to business Internet and multi-site, corporate Wide Area Networks (WANs), our customers are efficiently and cost-effectively running diverse, mission-critical services over our proven network.