One Marketplace streamlines service delivery and ensures the best client experience by providing customers with a single interface through which to design, price and fulfill multi-network, multi-geography connectivity requirements.

One Marketplace Applications Offer:

Pricing in Seconds

The key innovation of the world’s first online network marketplace is the automation of network pricing, infrastructure data and unique business rules, and the real-time delivery of multiple engineered service options. Global Capacity has automated accurate pricing for over 19,000 unique rates from 444 carriers in 75 countries, representing over 95% of the world’s GDP.  The unique address-matching feature of One Marketplace simplifies location identification; it allows users to enter partial addresses that are then matched against our extensive database. Lists of possible validated, geocoded addresses are then returned to the user to select from. Global Capacity maintains a location database for more than 27 million validated sites in 132 countries.  One Marketplace not only provides users with network connectivity quotes in a matter of seconds, it also provides transparency into pricing and visibility into available capacity across multiple networks and geographies.

Install Customers Faster

From the time customers gives the OK until their service is successfully installed, it’s a race against the clock.  Customers have businesses to run and they need their service installation completed as quickly as possible.  The heart of Global Capacity's service delivery approach is a highly-automated system that drives the installation process. A majority of all orders placed through One Marketplace applications are handled by our proprietary order management and service provisioning system without the need for manual intervention —from the time you enter the order until field technician arrives at the customer’s site for the installation. Our automated systems reduce the amount of manual data entry and order validation work needed to be done. By reducing the number of manually worked orders, our automated order management process speeds the time to install.

On-line Service Diagnostics

One Marketplace Connect gives wholesale customers the insight and control they need to quickly resolve service-related issues. Connect’s integrated trouble ticket management capability, troubleshooting tools, and port-level control all contribute to providers ability to quickly address service issues. And the ability to quickly resolve issues leads to more satisfied customers.  The visibility provided into the network is invaluable as it greatly reduces the time an dcost of resolving service issues.