The growth and ubiquity of Ethernet stems from its ability to provide consistent, cost-efficient, scalable and high-performance connectivity services that can be transported over a number of options for access technologies. Global Capacity’s Ethernet services, delivered over the One Marketplace backbone, provide customers with the flexibility and service quality to cost-effectively scale and support voice, data and video convergence.

Global Capacity is a nationwide leader in Carrier Ethernet, with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant product offerings. Continuously expanding our Ethernet portfolio and national footprint, Global Capacity enables organizations to simplify their network procurement process and cost-effectively expand network coverage beyond the scope of their physical infrastructures via a single platform. Leveraging One Marketplace interconnectivity, customers can source multi-vendor Ethernet access services from over 142 networks. Customers benefit from automated pricing and a streamlined network ordering and provisioning process to meet their growing demand for Ethernet. With One Marketplace, customers can request rates, place orders, provision and manage a full-suite of on- and off-net Ethernet access solutions.

A full suite of Carrier Ethernet options enables customers to specify their needs for service bandwidth, SLA and Class of service (CoS). Ethernet Access (E-Access) and Business Ethernet services are available as either Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) or Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (EVPLs). EPL point-to-point connectivity is ideal for core circuits and business cases that require dedicated and unshared Ethernet connections. EVPL is a point-to-multipoint architecture that aggregates multiple Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs), interconnecting LANs with Internet and VoIP application traffic or providing connectivity between data centers, remote offices and corporate headquarters.

Global Capacity Ethernet Services include:

Business Ethernet – Highly-resilient Ethernet connectivity at speeds ranging from1 Mbps to 10 Gbps for businesses that require fast, scalable and reliable service delivery to support mission-critical applications across multiple locations. Learn more about Business Ethernet

For organizations seeking lower-cost, dedicated bandwidth alternatives, Global Capacity offers options for DSL and ADSL/ADSL2; T1 and Bonded T1; and Ethernet over DS1 or DS3, touching more than 14 million businesses and 4,200 central offices with extended reach to 25,000 customers across 50 states.

E-Access – No one service provider has ubiquitous coverage. Global Capacity’s award-winning and MEF-compliant E-Access Service enables service providers and network operators to quickly and easily extend their Ethernet footprint beyond their physical infrastructure, enabling them to expand to new end-customer locations. Learn more about E-Access

Benefits of One Marketplace Ethernet:

  • Disaster recovery with Ethernet services installed over resilient and scalable network architecture
  • High availability and reliability with proactive 24x7 service monitoring
  • Competitive SLAs backed by service credits in the rare cases of an outage
  • Substantial cost savings with Global Capacity’s flexible bandwidth and competitive pricing options, including term discount plans
  • Cost-effective scaling of services to address changing needs without major changes to existing IT infrastructures
  • Decreased time to market, improving operational efficiencies and building customer loyalty
  • Fully dedicated hubs (both facilities and Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM) nodes)
  • Seamless extension of network coverage via a single interconnect platform
  • Rapid Ethernet installation turn-around
  • Multiple Class of Service (CoS) options for creating application-focused services
  • Ethernet port-to-port connectivity
  • MPLS options to increase average revenue per user (ARPU)